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Gender Male
Age at Death ~ 19 years
Date of Capture October 1968
Place of Capture Yukon Harbor, WA
Date of Death October 3, 1982
Place of Death
Sealand of the Pacific
Cause of Death
Bacterial Lung Infection

In October 1968, five male orcas were captured. While two of them, Ahab* and Ishmael* joined the US Navy, the others were sent to various marine parks. Mamuk ended up in Texas, at a dolphinarium called Sea-Arama.

The tank was pretty small and probably too warm for Mamuk but he thrived in his new environment and soon he was trained for shows and not too long after his arrival, he was joined by Lil Nooka*, a young male captured in August 1970. Both orcas got along well. Unfortunately Mamuk was again left alone when Lil Nooka died in March 1971.

Mamuk survived, he grew up and turned out to be a good performer; he even did waterworks with his trainers. Sadly Mamuk too left the world too soon. He died in June 1974, his cause of death never has been released.  

Mamuk means "It's a deed" in Chinook ;  Pronunciation of Mamuk:  Maam-ook;  Blood Type: 100% Southern Resident

Mamuk was a member of the Southern Resident Orca Community however it is unknown which pod he originates from so his family is unknown.


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